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Get your hands on some playing cards that have actually been used in a real casino! The process involves the cards being played with for a while so they see some real action, and then they’re repackaged and sent to us so that we can sell them to you! These decks are great for parties, home games, bar leagues, and are always appreciated. Although these cards come directly from the casino pit playing card cases; specials; Playing Cards. Plastic Flexible Cut Cards (Pack of 10) $2.49. Plastic Stiff Cut Cards Poker Size (Pack of 10) $1.99 $2.19. Sale. New Casino Playing Cards - 12 Pack. $23.95 $36.85. Sale. Bee 77 Jumbo Index Playing Cards (Per Dozen) $34.95 . Bee 92 Club Special Standard Index Playing Cards (Per Dozen) Sold Out. Aladdin New Uncancelled Casino Playing Cards. $3.75 Most casino decks were used in actual play at the poker and blackjack tables of a real casino, and theyll usually feature the name of the gambling establishment on their backs. Most of them have jumbo index labels printed on them, which means that the rank and suit of the card is printed larger than whats normally found on playing cards. This can make it easier to read the cards. A majority of Not all that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Each of these decks of casino cards has been in play at an actual Las Vegas casino. Perfect for all your favorite cards games such as Bridge, Poker, Solitaire, Old Maid, and more. Great for prize boxes, giveaways, tournaments, and charity events. Decks do not include joker cards. Casino brands vary by case. Used Casino Playing Cards. Get a deck of playing cards from your favorite casino and bring a little of Vegas to your next card game. Each deck of cards is a standard 52 card deck. These cards were actually used on the casino floor and have been retired. Each casino will only use a deck of card for a certain amount of time and then they are Baccarat is one of the card games that use more than one deck of cards during the session of bets. However, the number of decks may vary depending on the type of baccarat you play.The most frequent amount is eight, but some casinos use six decks as well.. There are 52 cards in a single deck, meaning that there are 416 cards in total for 8-deck variants and 312 cards for 6-deck variants. These are actual cards used in live casino action. Each casino deck has its own secretive past. If only they could talk! Crisp colors, stunning logos and great feel make this real deck desirable for every collection. These decks, which have been cancelled by the casino, are super popular for a reason'they are great mementos of your Las Vegas LotFancy Playing Cards, Poker Size Standard Index, 12 Decks of Cards (6 Blue and 6 Red), for Blackjack, Euchre, Canasta, Pinochle Card Game, Casino Grade 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,081 $13.86 $ 13 . 86 $28.90 $28.90 This deck consists of playing cards that have been used at hooters, which were then repackaged and sent to us.This deck is great for parties, home games, bar leagues, and many other uses.These cards come directly from the casino pit.They do not have a hole drilled in them like many other competitors offer.Instead they have 2 slightly rounded corners to prevent them from being used at the Used Casino Playing Cards Get the real deal with authentic used casino playing cards from Las Vegas. These cards were used in the real casinos and have been repackaged for sale. The corners are trimmed so they can't be used in the casino, but they're great for adding the excitement of Vegas to your home game!

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